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I love to Draw. I love to RolePlay on Feral-Heart. I primarily Roleplay with The Creed and am passionate about comic books and comic-book movies. I love food~

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I have officially decided to begin a creation/official announcement of my new Custom Species: Pristim. 


Description: Pristim is a water-bound creature. These creatures are said to resemble rather large snakes. Pristim are covered in scales much like a fish would be. They are long-distant relative of modern snakes. Both genders have whiskers that resemble cat-fish. Both genders also have up to 8 rows of razor sharp teeth. The teeth are serrated and made for cutting and tearing of flesh. They have "fans" which are the fins on their heads.
Diet: Sharks, Fish, Small Whales
Average length: 45-60 ft
Average weight: 50-100 Tons
Average build: The males are relatively bigger than the Females. This is due to their massive head. Though the males are the longer and more armored gender of the species, they are skinnier. Their weight comes from their length and amount of weight their scales carry. The males have long-snake like tongues. Their tail fins are noticeable more rounded than the females. The males have 4-6 back spines that are used when fighting for mates. The males have much longer snouts and rounded eyes. Their whiskers are also noticeably longer than the females have. The males also have two large horns that seemingly protrude out of a makeshift nostril. Males have a vulnerable, unprotected underbelly.
Average Temperament: The males are actually the less dominant and the less aggressive of the two sexes. The males are more timid and quiet.
Average lifespan: The males live to about 35-40,000 Years
Average length: 35-50 ft
Average weight: 45-90 Tons
Average build: The females are the smaller, but that does not make them any less mighty. Female Pristims will be much more muscular and a lot more protected. Their scales are generally thicker than those of the males. Females have more pointed tails, shorter whiskers, and larger fans on their faces. The female's snouts are thinner and have sharper teeth which are made to bite into their young's armored scales. The females have no vulnerable underbelly. 
Average lifespan: The females live to about 50,000 Years old
Average Temperament: Females are the more aggressive evil sex of Pristims. They are ruthless and have no mercy for even their own young.

Social Interactions
System: Pristim females travel in groups called "Packs". The average number in a Pack of females is between 2-10 females.
Pristim males travel in groups called "Pods" which can range between 2-15 males. 

Mating: Twice a year, females will travel to the mid-ocean, away from the protection of their deep water caves. Packs of females will find males whom are suitable for mating. Usually, the suitable male is the longest out of the male Pods, has the biggest nose-horns, and the strongest tail fin. The females will pick a mate, hitting a male with their heads to show dominance as the females then allow the males to mount them and mate. 
Giving Birth: The gestation period of a Pristim female is about 12 months. Each litter of Pristim Wrymlings has about 2-5 Whelps. The mothers will find a nest in the deepest and darkest of caves. Labor for these enormous creatures can sometimes take up to 2 days to give birth. The Whelps generally will be with their mother for a little over 10 years, after 10 years, the mothers will bite their young to leave scars on their still undeveloped scales. The mothers exiles their young from Packs and send them off on their own. Only 1-3 Whelps survive 10+ Years.


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